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  • Karen Stone

Unleashing Organisational Transformation: A Behavioural Approach to Driving Performance & Culture Change

As an HR leader, you know all too well that lasting organisational change is a significant challenge. A staggering 70% of transformation efforts fail to deliver desired results or miss the mark entirely. Why? Most initiatives prioritise processes and systems over the key drivers of change: human behaviour and mindsets.

At the core of sustainable transformation lies a crucial truth: processes evolve faster than mindsets, and systems shift long before culture. In our haste to achieve outcomes, we often overlook the very people meant to sustain that change over time.

coffee cup and chocolates with a notebook titled 'my brain has too many tabs open'
My Brain has Too Many Tabs Open

The Paradigm Shift: Putting People First

My behavioural science-based methodology flips the conventional approach by putting people at the forefront of every engagement and culture change. I begin by asking: "How can we foster buy-in across the workforce and equip employees with the desired behaviours to drive successful change?"

The Foundation: Understanding Behaviour

Advances in behavioural psychology have unlocked powerful insights into what truly motivates employees beyond traditional incentives. By leveraging neuroscience principles and evidence-based tools, I reliably enable lasting behaviour change, making transformation efforts "sticky" and irresistible.

Moreover, I empower organisations to build internal capabilities for sustaining long-term change initiatives without solely relying on external support.

The Practice: Co-Creating Habits for Success

My techniques help identify the essential micro-habits that seed transformation. By consistently triggering and reinforcing these tiny behaviours, we transform employee muscle memory until new ways of working become second nature — a natural "pull" rather than an external "push."

Through collaborative and action-orientated workshops, we align on the necessary mindsets, emotions and actions required to foster your desired workplace culture and performance outcomes. The result? A truly human-centric approach to change, baked in from the very start.

Key Takeaways:

  • Behavioural science principles for driving lasting change

  • Fostering employee buy-in and enabling desired behaviours

  • Identifying and reinforcing transformative micro-habits

  • Collaborative, human-centric approach to organisational change


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